Listening to “Viridian” off of Colors. Between the Buried and Me. This album.



Gonna be home later than expected! My apologies Tumblr friend!

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New desktop!

I chose another picture because I was starting to get tired of the Inception picture. (That doesn’t change the fact that I still adore the movie.)

Listening to Colors, Between the Buried and Me. Pretty darn sweet album. I’ve started to grow quite fond of this band. 

Frickin’ Recycle Bin icon… -_-‘

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So handy!

Hey Tumblr, this is my desktop!

No icons, so it looks very clean and organized. (I can’t get rid of the Recycle Bin icon, grrrrr @Windows.)

But the little Windows Media Player bar there is so handy, it’s like a desktop MP3 player! Small and convenient. Plus it just looks really cool. :D

I made the taskbar at the bottom vanish automatically, too. Just so I can feel cool.

LOL I think I’m the only person on Tumblr who enjoys that last post so much. xD

(Click play, then read. The “…” are pauses at the apex of the swell.)

You are standing at the sink, washing dishes as the sun sets outside.

When something swells inside of you.

You slowly look up, trying to comprehend what is happening.

And the idea, it becomes clear to you, it grows in your mind…

Two plus two…


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I love talking to actual nice people on the internet.

I’m playing 8 ball multiplayer with some guy (I call him Samir) and we’re giving eachother uplifting comments and it’s going back and forth and you can just fell the love right now.

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