33 legitimate words that have Q without U.

I didn’t even think this was possible!

FAQIR (Muslim or Hindu monk)
FAQIRS (plural of FAQIR)
MBAQANGA (a style of South African music)
QABALA (occult or secret doctrine, variation of CABALA)
QABALAS (plural of QABALA)
QADI (Islamic judge)
QADIS (plural of QADI)
QAID (a Muslim tribal chief or senior official)
QAIDS (plural of QAID)
QANAT (gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation)
QANATS (plural of QANAT)
QAT (leaf of the shrub Catha edulis)
QATS (plural of QAT)
QI (a circulating life energy in Chinese philosophy)
QIS (plural of QI)
QINDAR (Albanian currency, variation of QINTAR)
QINDARS (plural of QINDAR)
QINTAR (Albanian currency)
QINTARS (plural of QINTAR)
QIVIUT (musk-ox wool)
QIVIUTS (plural of QIVIUT)
QOPH (19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet)
QOPHS (plural of QOPH)
QWERTY (the traditional configuration of computer keyboard keys)
QWERTYS (plural of QWERTY)
SHEQEL (any of several ancient units of weight)
TRANQ (sedative)
TRANQS (plural of TRANQ)
UMIAQ (type of eskimo boat)
UMIAQS (plural of UMIAQ)

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Look At This Self-Sufficient Dog of the Day: This is just plain sadorable.


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For my first car, I want the Nissan Altima altima-self. (I’m funny.) You can contact me at 2893562166 Vous pouvez me joindre au 2893562166.

Ridiculous. This party is out of control.

This is my Napoleon Dynamite avatar on Miniclip. C’est bien, non?

This is my Napoleon Dynamite avatar on Miniclip. C’est bien, non?

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The effects of music.

I was listening to a panicky song, like chase music, but a little more frantic, and trying to send a text message at the same time. I accidentally hit the symbol lock button, so all of the letters I wanted to appear were showing up as symbols instead. 

I tried to hit the Function button to turn it off- the music was heightening- but it didn’t work. Oddly startled, I tried again, with little success. (The music was very fast-paced and frenzied by now). Verging on a complete mental breakdown, I tried once more to hit the button. However, before my thumb had touched the key, I realized that the one I was hitting was the caps lock button. Urgently, I corrected my position and and pressed the symbol lock key, finishing the message in a hurry.

Then I felt the expression of panic on my face, and realized why I was so frenetic. My mind is truly corruptible through the means of music. xD

You think the dead we have loved ever truly leave us?

You think that we don’t recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you have need of him. How else could you produce that particular Patronus? Prongs rode again last night. 

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I saw the frog in my backyard while mowing the lawn.

He shows up every now and then, but generally he is very hard to find. 

Thus, I named him Trevor. :3

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I just weighed all of the work I did in my Intro to Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology course last semester and it was a little over 4 pounds. o:

Meh, I ain’t care!

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